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The Latest about Alcohol


Underage Drinking Is No Halloween Treat for Communities

Halloween should be an exciting day of fun for young people and their families, but it can turn tragic if underage drinking is involved. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a web page devoted to the prevention of Halloween drunk driving; a link to National Teen Driver Safety Week, October 19–25, 2014, is...

Environmental Factors Affect Adolescent Alcohol Use

“Effects of the Local Alcohol Environment on Adolescents’ Drinking Behaviors and Beliefs,” a study published in the journal Addiction, reports that alcohol control policies, enforcement, adult drinking, and bar density influence alcohol use and heavy drinking by adolescents. Rates of past-year alcohol use and heavy drinking among adolescents were higher in cities with higher...

Study Offers Tips to Parents About Preventing Underage Drinking

A review of studies supports the view that youth who had alcohol provided to them by parents and youth who had a place to consume alcohol were more likely to engage in heavy episodic drinking and experience more alcohol-related problems, according to “Providing Alcohol for Underage Youth: What Messages Should We Be Sending Parents?”...

Youths Targeted More in Magazine Alcohol Advertising

Sixty-eight percent and 72 percent of the top 25 alcohol brands popular among male underage drinkers and female underage drinkers, respectively, were more likely to devote a higher percentage of their national magazine advertising money to magazines with a greater concentration of readers 18–20 years old, according to “Youth Alcohol Brand Consumption and Exposure...

What Underage Drinkers Drink when they Binge Drink

THE WASHINGTON POST Beggars can’t be choosers, but they can have strong, brand-driven alcoholic preferences. A study undertaken by public researchers found that underage drinkers not only have a knack for drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, but they’re also pretty picky about which branded alcohols they down when they do over-drink. The study found that...

Response to Alcohol Predicts Alcohol Use Disorder Symptoms

Young adult heavy social drinkers, including underage drinkers, who were highly sensitive to the stimulating and rewarding effects of alcohol reported more alcohol use disorder symptoms over time compared to those who reported fewer positive effects of alcohol, according to “Alcohol Challenge Responses Predict Future Alcohol Use Disorder Symptoms: A 6-Year Prospective Study.” The...

DID YOU KNOW? The L.A. County Public Health Department rated Santa Monica in the ‘High’ quartile for its rates of alcohol-related violent crime.